Cali Hardwood Syrah 7601002700

Extra Wide T&G Hardwood

Syrah Oak

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  • Colors Available
Cali Hardwood Barbera 7601003000
Barbera Oak
Cali Hardwood Lost Coast 7601003100
Lost Coast Oak
Cali Hardwood Syrah 7601002700
Syrah Oak
Cali Hardwood Chardonnay 7601002900
Chardonnay Oak
Cali Hardwood Knotty Barrel 7601002200
Knotty Barrel Oak
Cali Hardwood Mendocino 7601002300
Mendocino Oak
Cali Hardwood Carmel Valley 7601002400
Carmel Valley Oak
Cali Hardwood New World 7601002000
New World Oak
Cali Hardwood Sauvignon 7601002100
Sauvignon Oak

Product Attributes

CollectionExtra Wide T&G Hardwood
ColorSyrah Oak
Surface TypeOak Wirebrushed
ApplicationResidential, Commercial
Size9-1/2" x Random Length up to 86-5/8"
LengthRandom Length Up To 86-5/8"
Installation MethodGlue, Nail with Glue Assist
Warranty50 Year Residential, 15 Year Commercial
DescriptionMade with premium European White Oak|Longer, wider planks make rooms feel more open|Layered over a sustainable wood core for boosted stability